XVideoS中文版 SWAT

XVideoS中文版 SWAT

What is SWAT?

SWAT stands for the south west academic trust. It鈥檚 an alliance of 12 selective secondary schools from across the region that includes XVideoS中文版. XVideoS中文版 SWAT and SWAT Challenge are about providing students with a range of opportunities to stretch themselves, both inside and outside of the classroom. Challenge is not about racing ahead to the next piece of work, it鈥檚 about taking the time to explore subject matter on a deeper, more thought-provoking level. It鈥檚 about taking students out of their learning comfort zones, going beyond the confines of an exam board syllabus and developing a pro-active challenge mind-set. You can follow everything that the students are running through SWAT on our dedicated Twitter page, @XVideoS中文版_SWAT.

Why is SWAT a valuable tool for students?

SWAT enables to students to develop valuable skills for their chosen subject or career path whilst also developing their team and leadership skills. At Key Stage Five, students have the opportunity to garner vital experience for their CAS or UCAS personal statements and finally all students have the opportunity to represent the school in the local community and make a difference.

How can students get involved in XVideoS中文版 SWAT?

XVideoS中文版 SWAT is created for the students with the premise that it is ultimately run by the students across the Key Stages. There is XVideoS中文版 SWAT Challenge Calendar which highlights what school based subject specific challenges are being run during that half term, along with the SWAT Challenge activities where students will compete with other SWAT schools in the South West. Each week there will also be a XVideoS中文版 Challenge where students can earn commendations if they managed to complete the challenge correctly. As well as participating in the SWAT Challenges, students can also take a proactive role in running XVideoS中文版 SWAT. Students across the Key Stages can become Challenge Ambassadors, and based on their interest and skill set, can join one of the following SWAT Challenge teams:

XVideoS中文版 SWAT Challenge Timetable 2018-19