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Entrance Test For Entry into Year 7, September 2025

If you will be in year 6 in September 2024, and wish to apply to join XVideoS中文版 year 7 in September 2025, you first need to complete the entrance tests which take place on Saturday 14 September 2024. Registration for the entrance test for 2025 admission will open in March 2024.听 Complete the online registration form by Friday 19 July 2024, if possible (or by midday on Thursday 5 September 2024 at the latest).

We will acknowledge your application and you will be provided with further details regarding the procedure for the test morning after the registration deadline in September. There are two tests (approx. 50 minutes each), one for English and one for Maths, and familiarisation materials can be accessed for free below.

Parents will be informed of the outcome of tests on, or as soon as possible after, 14 October 2024. This will not be the actual scores, but a Yes or No to whether your child鈥檚 performance was of the required standard for this School. This information cannot be taken as a guarantee of a place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: once you have received this notification, you听must also听complete a Common Application Form for your local authority, by 31 October.听听If you do not do this, your child will not be considered for a place. Registering for the tests does not register you for a school place.

So that parents can have a good idea whether an application for a selective school place would be successful, candidates are able to sit the selection tests before the closing date for applications. This is called Testing before Preference. It means you must register your child to sit the tests by midday on 5 September 2024.

Registrations after this deadline will only be accepted for testing for the first round of allocations in exceptional circumstances, which must be evidenced, such as a bereavement of an immediate family member or a move to the area from outside of Torbay or Devon.

The tests themselves will take place on 14 September 2024. Registration for the tests does not count as an application. A common application form must also be submitted to the local authority where the child lives by 31 October 2024.听

However, where a parent names the School on a Common Application Form but the child has not been registered on time, (midday on 5 September) and there are no exceptional circumstances for this, there can be no offer of a place as there will not be a test score.

All registrations received after midday on 5 September, where there are no exceptional circumstances, will be considered for testing in March 2025, after the initial round of allocations; it is likely that such testing will be for a place on the waiting list; late tested candidates will not be considered before any who applied and were tested on time.




Additional Familiarisation Material available to Pupil Premium Students

If your son is in receipt of Pupil Premium, we are pleased to be able to offer access to an additional online package of around 10-hours familiarisation material. Simply indicate Pupil Premium on the application form, and once we have verified this with your primary school, we will send you a logon code especially for you, so you can access the material on the online platform hosted by Frog.

Policies and Forms


2025 Torquay Boys’ Grammar School admissions policy

听 听 2024 Torquay Boys Grammar School admissions policy

Supplementary Information Form

听听 Appeals Leaflet

听听 Admission Appeal Form for 2023